Session 1 | Give It All

Ps Peter Haas

How generous are you with your time? your forgiveness? Generosity is the ability to give without fear. When we feel robbed or wounded, we often become stingy with our generosity. Forgiveness isn’t about letting people off the hook but rather putting people on God’s hook. (1 Peter 4:8)

Session 2 | The Mission Of God

Ps Sam Picken

The opposite of dissent isn’t “consent”, it’s “assent.” The enemy wants to separate us from God and does so by putting disunity between the church and God’s mission. The church was made for the mission of God and gains momentum when the body gets into agreement. (Philippians 2:1-4)

Session 3 | The Power of Invitation

Ps Peter Haas

The greatest theologians are inviters and initiators. God’s mission isn’t fulfilled by the church just knowing what it is. It’s built when those who know the Word invite others into it. Transformational moments happen during an invitational transaction. (James 1:22-25)

Session 4 | God Our Father

Ps Carolyn Haas

Worry is the sign of a fatherless child. When God is our father, we don’t need to run after our own needs or fight our own battles. God has a future box with your name on it, and at the right time, in the right season, he will give you exactly what you need. Our insecurities and our worry are all distractions from the mission of God. (Matthew 11:27)

Session 6 | God is Faithful

Ps Nate Puccini

Who does your life point to, you or God? We’ve gotten so confused as to what we should be doing as a church we’ve forgotten we are the church. There are people on the verge of drowning, surrounded by people who have the answer but aren’t sharing it with the ones who need it the most. Are you positioning yourself to encourage those around you that God is alive and is active? (1 Samuel 23:15-18)

Session 7 | Reap Your Dreams

Ps Peter Haas

Everything we do is a seed we plant into the ground. We often expect to reap things we haven’t sown in our own timeline. We also sometimes assume that our good intentions should automatically plant seeds or cancel out bad ones. We can’t expect from others what we have yet to plant and bail on crops before God has had the opportunity to make the seed flourish. How do we know what we’re planting? God has already given us the seed, we need to be faithful in sowing it and be planted in a faith-fueled community to help us pull the weeds we may miss. (Galatians 6:7-9)