Look At What The Lord Has Done

He takes ordinary things, people, circumstances… and does extraordinary things.

Signs, wonders, miracles still happen today.

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Throughout the creation process, we discovered that delighting in the Lord isn’t just about reveling in His blessings during good times, but also finding joy and strength in His presence amidst life’s storms.

Imagine a vibrant tapestry woven with the deep hues of faith, threads of passion and melodies of joy. That’s the essence of our new album, ‘Look At What The Lord Has Done’. Born from the heartfelt prayers of our collective – a group of creatives, worshippers, poets, and leaders, this album carries a singular message – Delight in the Lord. Every note, every word is steeped in the joy of praising God, the joy of serving Him, and the profound realization of His ever-present love and faithfulness.

Full Album — August 18

But ‘Look At What The Lord Has Done’ isn’t just our story, it’s a reflection of God’s unchanging nature, His unwavering goodness, and His enduring faithfulness to every generation. It’s a melodic reminder to everyone who listens – Remember God’s goodness. Trust in His faithfulness. See what He has done, and delight in His love. We hope this album will inspire you to adopt a posture of praise, and find joy in the beautiful truth that our God can always be trusted, for He is good.

He is love, and He delights in us.