Love Toronto is the collection of both local and global initiatives C3 Toronto partners with to serve one simple purpose:

To connect people to God through acts of love and service.

We serve with 3 things in mind.
We recognize the dignity and humanity of those we serve.
We act in solidarity with the primary recipients of the work.
We contribute sustainable action towards long-term vision.

On June 26th, we came together to serve the following partners:

Global Partnerships


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After years of waiting and praying, Jobin and Francine’s journey has led to Northern Uganda to a place where few feel called and even fewer come. They spend their days in the hospital, in the prison and in the village, and they pray to live each day like the prayer “on earth as it is in Heaven”.

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Matthew House is a community of 3 homes in central Toronto that welcomes and assists newly arrived refugee claimants offering HOPE at the end of their long journey on the refugee highway.






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A network of passionate believers longing to see God’s Children free from the bondage of Modern Day Slavery: Human Sex Trafficking, and transformed through the light of Jesus Christ.