Prayer & Fasting

At C3 Toronto, we seek to put God first in everything that we do. The way that we start our year is no exception! In January, we begin our season of PRAYER AND FASTING—an intentional and prayerful period of refraining from food. We fast to focus on faithfully seeking God, as an expression of our trust in His power alone. We believe that fasting is an act of worship to God and that it ushers God’s presence into our lives, our church, and the world.

To help you engage in this year’s Prayer and Fasting season, we’ve created a resource guide that we hope will answer any questions you may have.

“We seek to put God first in everything that we do.”

Join Us

January 3-23, 2022

Daily 1-Hour Prayer

Monday – Friday at 6:00 AM

Saturday at 9:00 AM (Registration required at The Salvation Army location)
—check back Fridays at 7:30 AM for the new link to register.

In-Person Locations

The Salvation Army – 789 Dovercourt Rd, Toronto ON

Toronto City Church – 36 Curity Ave, East York ON

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Types of fasts.

There are several types of fasts that you can choose from, but all involve refraining from a category of food for a designated period of time! This might include complete fasts, selective fasts, or partial fasts.

If you have specific health needs that don’t allow you to partake in fasting from food, we encourage you to speak to a trusted leader or reach out to to find another option that could work for you!

How to prepare well.

  1. As you get ready to engage in Prayer and Fasting, we encourage you to do some research on your chosen fast! This will help you to shop for any resources that you might need throughout your fast (juices, vitamins, teas, produce, etc.).
  2. As we do in all seasons of life, we encourage you to spend time in prayer even before we start Prayer and Fasting! Spend time worshipping God for what He is going to do through this season.
  3. Join us for Dream Sunday on January 2nd, when we’ll come together virtually in expectation for the specific things we’re believing God for this year! Consider what you’re releasing into God’s hands this year—be specific and believe with full faith! This will be a year of miracles!

Is this your first time fasting, or are you looking for more resources to help you prepare?


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