Vision Builders

Hello church,

We want to start by saying that we’ve found ourselves overwhelmed with gratitude on several occasions already this year. We’re so grateful for what God has already done in 2021 and we believe He’s priming us to experience His majesty and provision, His power and anointing, His specific calling on our church family in an even more miraculous way in the months to come. We want to equip you with that prophecy as we invite you to Vision Builders, 2021 – Altars.

We know that we’ve been blessed to welcome many new family members during this online season, so we’d like to give a bit of context to the year-round significance of the Vision Builders program. As a church, we believe in sacrificial giving – that is, giving above and beyond the 10% tithe that God calls us to give back to Him. As we stretch financially, we join together as a church family to pray over a common goal or target for which the money sacrificed by our community will be used. The goal that we’ve been working toward and believing for is that we will find a permanent home, a physical location right here in Toronto. We’ve seen God move in ground-breaking, perception-shattering, life-altering ways through Vision Builders in the past, and we earnestly believe that this year will be no exception.

Every year, we commit a night to celebration, worship, and prayer. As individuals, the Vision Builders event is a time to talk to God about how He’s calling you to stretch financially this year; it’s an opportunity to get specific and commit to a pledge that you’ll focus on for the 12 months that follow. As a family, the Vision Builders event is a time to align on a new vision for the season to come. What is that vision? 

You’ll have to join us to find out. This is a big one, friends. We can’t wait to see you.

Ps. Sam and Jess

The Details

Where & When

Thursday, May 6th
8:00 pm


This is your chance to swap your pajamas and soft pants for something more formal… we invite you to dress up and come looking great.

We want you to create an undistracted atmosphere in your homes because this isn’t going to be like any other Zoom call that we’ve had in the last year. The more intentionally you focus on prioritizing this evening—prayerfully and with expectation—the more special the event will be.

No RSVP required, but we urge you to work this event into your schedule and to spend time talking to God leading up to the night of Vision Builders.