Vision Builders 2022

The process took longer than expected, but in the end, we’re thrilled to say that we own two incredible properties in a great area of the city. 

One important feature of this area is that it’s currently designated as a core employment zone. This means that at the moment it is zoned in a way that will not be functional for us to hold Sunday Services. But this change to our plans just creates more space for God to move…

We have submitted an application for a Municipal Comprehensive Review (MCR) in the hopes of our being approved to add a place of worship to our properties on Geary Avenue. This will be the first step in the building’s conversion process and, though it may be lengthy, we are excited to be taking these faithful first steps.

More great news is that, in the meantime, we have begun a multi-year lease with a franchisee of Main Stage Studios for 330 Geary that will offset the loan costs while we execute the conversion process! God is so good!

With all of this in motion, we can turn our focus to 322 Geary. Here’s the most exciting part—322 Geary is ready for us to begin construction THIS YEAR! No more waiting! We hope you’re ready to RISE UP and BUILD, because…

…our Vision Builders goal for 2022 is to begin the 322 Geary building process and to raise the entire renovation budget as we continue to pay down our loan! 

How’s that for a call to action? Read on to be inspired by our plans for 322 Geary…

So, now you know that we’re getting ready to break ground on 322 Geary, but you’re probably wondering… what is God calling us to build there?

Picture this: A place where people can experience the love of Jesus through our church in a variety of ways! We’re building a space where our church community can meet people where they’re at, where we can impact the residents of our city in new and meaningful ways.

Here’s what we’re dreaming for…

  • A space for Youth
  • Love Toronto HQ
  • Film and Creative Suite 
  • Relocated C3 Head Office

[Download the digital booklet for all the details]

Join us in the first steps toward building a CITY OF GOD…..

Our goal for 2022 is to see the full construction budget entirely raised within the next 12 months. We know that seeing this goal realized in the next year will be a massive accomplishment and an incredible point of praise in how the faithful people of God’s house have joined together to carry out this mission. We have a vision of enormous celebration at the building’s grand opening, and this is your invitation to be a part of it! 

Consider this your call to action to be a part of building the House of God here in Toronto—an invitation to take these first impactful steps with us toward turning Toronto into a CITY OF GOD. We’re inviting you to join us now in contributing financially toward making the vision for the HOPE CENTRE into a reality. We welcome you into the process of advancing the Kingdom here in Toronto, of transforming the lives of people throughout our community, of building an altar of praise to our God.

Practically, it begins with prayerfully considering what God is calling you to commit over the course of the next 12 months. Vision Builders is sacrificially giving above and beyond the 10% tithe. Each person’s commitment will be different, so we want you to start by talking to God about what He’s calling you to give.

Step One

Fill in a COMMITMENT CARD BELOW—once you’ve decided on the amount, this is a concrete way to intentionally set your goal.

Step Two

Make a plan on how you’re going to fulfill your commitment. This can be as easy and as practical as setting up regular direct debit amounts.

Step Three

Continue to pray for the building of our future home. The journey has only just begun and we’re not done yet, but together we’ll see the Vision come to pass!

Become a Vision Builder