Vision Builders 2022-09

We have purchased two buildings in the West end of Toronto, and plans are well underway as we begin work on 322 Geary as C3’s midweek space to use for staff, leadership, community development, and creative production. Since we purchased, so much has happened in such a short space of time!

Our architect and engineering team have been hard at work putting our vision plans on paper to ensure it meets all code and design requirements.  Those construction and permit plans are finalized, save a few finish selections and minor details!

We have sent drawings to subcontractors and suppliers to verify budget numbers in preparation for final contractor selections, and have produced some full renderings of what the space will look like.

We maintain the goal for Vision Builders 2022 is to see the entire renovation budget of 2 million dollars paid in full as we continue to pay down the building loan, and we are well on the way!

We have secured a three-year lease with Main Stage Studios, which will offset the loan costs for the building. 

We have submitted an application for a Municipal Comprehensive Review (MCR) in the hopes of our being approved to add a place of worship to our properties on Geary Avenue. This will be the first step in the building’s conversion process and, though it may be lengthy, we are excited to be taking these faithful first steps.

In the next few months we will be… 

  • → Revision to our current building permit and engaging contractors for construction.
  • → Advanced purchasing of long lead time materials and equipment to meet our projected timeline.
  • → Officially beginning construction with all systems go until it’s complete!  Based on a few delays in the design and permitting process, construction has not started as quickly as anticipated.

We are believing that once underway, the project should take 4-6 months and we will be celebrating and using the space before Summer 2023.

Practically, it begins with prayerfully considering what God is calling you to commit over the course of the next 12 months. Vision Builders is sacrificially giving above and beyond the 10% tithe. Each person’s commitment will be different, so we want you to start by talking to God about what He’s calling you to give.

Step One

Fill in a COMMITMENT CARD BELOW—once you’ve decided on the amount, this is a concrete way to intentionally set your goal.

Step Two

Make a plan on how you’re going to fulfill your commitment. This can be as easy and as practical as setting up regular direct debit amounts.

Step Three

Continue to pray for the building of our future home. The journey has only just begun and we’re not done yet, but together we’ll see the Vision come to pass!

Become a Vision Builder