You’ll find our Church property located at 322 and 330 Geary Avenue in Toronto’s West End. 

Just a short walk from transit and the Dupont and Dufferin intersection, it’s in an up-and-coming area and is easily accessible to the public. You’ll find local favourites like North of Brooklyn Pizzeria, Blood Brothers Brewery, Dark Horse, and a new development – The Galleria right around the corner.

With a span of 0.7 acres of land, the two buildings carry a combined total of 36,150 square feet. One 20,650 square foot building and one 15,500 square foot building.

In the beginning…

This entire journey has already started from a miraculous place, but we are believing to see a significant work of God to begin the next steps of the journey, so PLEASE, continue to PRAY WITH US.

This property is currently designated as a Commercial Employment Area according to the Official Plan, and as such we need to go through two stages of approvals including a Municipal Comprehensive Review to change the Official Plan, after which we would go through a Zoning By-Law Amendment request in order to allow us to use the space for our long term plans.

In the time being, the space would be able to function for specific purposes that we need including our offices, recording studios, rehearsal spaces, and as creative studios. Another function that would be allowed within this space as zoned is a Love Toronto Warehouse, where we could provide a space to resource charities in need in our city.

Our vision would be to have a reliable place where charity partners in our city would know they could find the help they need to meet some of the physical resourcing gaps they have (food, clothing, toys). Our C3 Team could sort, organize, and send out HOPE to our city in a tangible way. The intent would be to continue to lease part of the space while operating in the capacity we can until such time that we have the necessary approvals to proceed with our long term plan.

After all of the conversion requests have been completed and approved, work could begin in 322 Geary Avenue, the building next door to the former Rehearsal Factory. 

We have a vision to create an auditorium that will seat 300 people along with a few essential amenities, like washrooms and C3 Kids spaces. 

During this time, we will begin a lease agreement for 330 Geary Avenue as a means of offsetting the cost of the spaces during our first phase of work.

During this next phase of work, we have a vision for seeing God’s Kingdom advance in the city of Toronto. We are positioned to create a significant impact through this property that we will call home—not just for this generation, but for the generation to come. 

Work will continue with a renovation of 330 Geary Avenue, where we hope to create a larger auditorium for worship, productions, and creative expressions.

We envision a multi-purpose, sacred space that will become a hub for worship, training, serving, creating, and welcoming in the people of Toronto.