40 Days Of Lent


What is Lent?

Lent is a liturgical practice that is used as preparation in the lead up to Easter. Jesus fasted 40 days in the wilderness in preparation for his ministry, and using this example, we will journey for 40 Days starting Ash Wednesday in the lead up to the Cross (Feb 22nd – Apr 8th). 

It’s a journey of meditation and respect so that as a church, we can really take in the Easter experience in its fullness.

Types of fasts.

There are many ways we can choose to fast during this season, but the key is to set aside something significant that will remind us to shift our focus back to Jesus every day. Great examples would be fasting from certain categories of food (eg. caffeine/sugar/meat/bread). Doing so will daily prompt us to seek God and stay hungry for Him.

If you have specific health needs that don’t allow you to partake in fasting from food, we encourage you to speak to a trusted leader or reach out to contact@c3toronto.com to find another option that could work for you!

Join prayer.

Feb 23rd-Apr 8th, 2023

Weekly 1-Hour Prayer

Tuesdays & Thursdays at 6:00 AM

*Tuesday Men’s Prayer will be All Church Prayer during this period.

In-Person Locations

The Salvation Army – 789 Dovercourt Rd, Toronto ON
Mills Hardware – 95 King St E, Hamilton ON

Helpful resources.

Context is key when approaching a commitment like this. Here are some additional resources if you’d like to learn more about Lent as a whole, and find more info on how best to walk it out:

Podcast / Weekly Dose – Each week we’ll be recording a new podcast setting up the theme for the week and will have a specific follow-up feature within the Weekly Dose.

Reading – Lent by Esau McCaulley is very helpful in framing what it is and how to approach it effectively.

For the parents.

C3 Kids is also teaching about Lent in this season! Kids will each receive a key ring with a set of tags for them to collect every Sunday as they journey along with us. Parents, we encourage you to start the conversations with your kids about fasting and include them in the rhythms you are setting for devotional time at home.

For extra family resources, sign up to receive the C3 Kids Weekly Dose!

How to prepare well.

  1. As you get ready to engage in Lent, we encourage you to do some research on your chosen fast! This will help you to shop for any resources that you might need throughout your fast (juices, vitamins, teas, produce, etc.).
  2. As we do in all seasons of life, we encourage you to spend time in prayer to consider how God is calling you (and your family) to participate in Lent! Spend time worshipping God for what He is going to do through this season.

Is this your first time joining us for a period of fasting, or do you have more questions? Check out our FAQs below, or contact us at contact@c3toronto.com.


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