Coming Up at C3

God Is Able

We believe that God calls us into a life of generosity, and as a church, we’re on a mission to see the city of Toronto & Hamilton impacted by the hope of the gospel. We choose to partner with God and give boldly as we believe that when God moves, He multiplies what we offer, and therefore, we’re confident that the impact will be beyond anything we can achieve on our own.

Vision Builders

Vision Builders is our church’s sacrificial giving program, where we collectively stretch to expand the vision of C3. Currently, our focus is the renovation and building of 2 properties to establish a place where people of all backgrounds and faith journeys can experience the life found in Christ.

Love This City

C3 Toronto is intentional about reaching people at a hands-on level, and therefore, Love This City is a practical extension of our Church Community. A minimum of 10% of every amount given to C3 goes toward resourcing acts of charity already happening in Toronto, Hamilton and beyond. Loving our neighbours this way is an honour and an important responsibility.

Text to give

You can now text 647-360-3615 to give through SMS.
For regular tithes and offerings, text “GIVE *AMOUNT*“.
For Vision Builders, text “VB GIVE *AMOUNT*“.