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What is lent?

Lent is a 40-day liturgical period of preparation for Easter, starting on Ash Wednesday, February 14th, and ending on March 28th in the lead up to the Cross, Easter Sunday. The 40 days are meant to reenact the 40 years of the Israelites and the 40 days that Jesus fasted in the wilderness in preparation for His ministry.

Fasting for lent

Food Fasting
You can choose different food fasting methods such as fasting every other day, one meal per day, or fasting each Friday. Another option is to abstain from specific foods like sugar, meat, coffee, or alcohol. During Lent, it's common to give up meat and poultry as fasting practice.
Non-Food Fasting
You may choose to give up something that consumes your time ie TV, Social Media, go-screen free etc.
Draw Near to God
Intentionally create space and time to increase your intimate and personal time with God. I.e. increased prayer life, bible reading, family prayer time, giving, serving the church.


Here’s a few things to think on, pray about and prepare for this season of lent:
What am I fasting?
How can I prepare myself for these next 40 days? 
What area of my life could I stretch and sacrifice in during this time to connect with God on a deeper level? 

Book Recommendation

Lent by Esau McCaulley

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