C3 Kids

Welcome to the Family!

We’re all about doing life together, and that means every member of the family, from the big kids to the little kids!

At C3 Kids, our mission is to see every child develop their own personal relationship with Jesus and love the journey along the way! Each Sunday, tune in to Rocco & Friends at the end of the service and download the Activity pages so you can follow along.  Our goal is that our kids would leave knowing that God LOVES them, we BELIEVE in them, and church is FUN!

Questions from you

We’re back this week with another fantastic question from one of our C3 Kids! Have you ever wondered about how everything came into being? Mike and Rocco are taking a deep dive into the Bible for answers!

C3 Kids Weekly Dose

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Activity Pages

Every month we create activity pages related to the sermon series so that our kids, our parents (and maybe pets too!) can all learn and discuss together. I’m sure you can agree, doing things as a family is so important – Check out the one for this month below!

Need Curriculum?

We’ve created our own curriculum and we love to share, so if you or your church are in need, it’s our gift to you.