C3 Kids

Welcome to the Family!

We’re all about doing life together, and that means every member of the family, from the big kids to the little kids!

At C3 Kids, our mission is to see every child develop their own personal relationship with Jesus and love the journey along the way! Each Sunday, you can join us LIVE on Sundays at 4 PM for our in-person services OR watch Rocco & Friends on our YouTube Channel and download the Activity pages so you can follow along.  Our goal is that our kids would leave knowing that God LOVES them, we BELIEVE in them, and church is FUN!

What To Expect

If you’re visiting C3 Kids for the first time, welcome! Our hosts will direct you to C3 Kids check-in.

We use a secure check in system that gives your child a security code that only you as the guardian have the matching slip to. You must have this slip at the time of checking out. You may check in as early as fifteen minutes before the service and within thirty minutes of the service starting.

Check-out occurs directly after the service and is done at the entrance to each room with your matching security slip.


6 months—2 years


2 years—3 years

Jr Elementary

JK—Grade 1

Sr Elementary

Grade 2—Grade 6

VIP Kids*

*VIP Kids is before & after care for the children of families who volunteer or attend Next Steps. There is a light lunch provided for each child. Please ask at check-in for the hours at your location.

C3 Kids Weekly Dose

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Activity Pages

Every month we create activity pages related to the sermon series so that our kids, our parents (and maybe pets too!) can all learn and discuss together. I’m sure you can agree, doing things as a family is so important – Check out the one for this month below!

C3 KidsCurriculum

We’ve created our own curriculum and we love to share, so if you or your church are in need, it’s our gift to you.

This Week

A for Ask

Our P-R-A-Y acronym is helping us learn to pray, and the third letter is A for ASK! God wants us to bring all of our needs to Him in prayer, and we can be sure that our requests are heard. When we ask, God answers!


At C3 Kids we invite every child and family to live a life with Jesus as their Lord and Saviour. To begin a relationship with Christ together, you can start today by praying a simple prayer like this one. This moment invites Christ into your lives and brings you into the wonderful relationship God has freely given us. Be blessed; you and all in your home.

“They replied, ‘Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved—you and your household.’” Acts 16:31


I believe in you and I ask that you come live in my heart. I am sorry for any bad things I have done; please forgive me and help me to follow you from now on. I praise you for loving me forever and thank you that I am saved. Help me to live my best life loving you Jesus.


Child Dedications

At C3 Toronto, we love to stand together as a community to pray over kids and families. For any families who are interested in having a child dedicated, sign up here to receive more information and one of our team will connect with you.


Baptisms are some of the most amazing moments in our church family, and C3 Kids and Youth are also invited to make this wonderful declaration of their decision to follow Christ. If anyone in your household is wanting to get baptized, we would love to celebrate with you! Sign up here and we will connect with you to provide further details and answer any questions you may have about kids choosing to be baptized.