Safety – The safety of your children and your peace of mind is very important to us. We strive to maintain the highest standards of safety and run according to ‘Plan to Protect’ standards.

Fun – Having fun is so important! At C3 Kids your children will enjoy age appropriate games and toys, fun, action-filled worship, and exciting crafts & activities.

God – At C3 we believe a relationship with God is the most important thing in our lives. We believe that children of all ages can learn and experience Jesus.

What to expect on a Sunday:

Yes, you are seeing correctly… At C3 Kids we have our own friendly Raccoon named Rocco! He loves exploring, worshipping and learning about about Jesus.

​Here in C3Kids we want every child from 6months – 10 years old to experience a morning full of worship, exploring what it means to have a relationship with Jesus, learning about God’s word and having a lot of fun doing it!​

PARKING: We have a designated area for families with kids under 5 to park closer to the main entrance.  Just hang our sign on your dashboard or your rearview mirror and you are all set to go. If it is your first time please park there and collect your pass at the C3 Kids Check In counter.

STROLLERS: Our venue may not look stroller friendly with the big stairs at the front but let us assure you it is! Our muscular hosts at the front of the building are just waiting to show off their strength as they carry your stroller up the stairs. They carry multitudes of strollers up every Sunday. Once inside the building, it is entirely stroller friendly.

CHECK IN: Follow our friendly Rocco the Raccoon signs or anyone in a bright yellow C3 Kids T-shirt to our wonderful Check In workers. We use a secure check in system that gives your child a security code to which only you as the parent have the matching slip to.  You must have this slip at the time of checkout for security purposes. The workers can explain the process and answer any questions you may have. You may check your child in as early as fifteen minutes prior to the service and up to 30 minutes once the service has begun.  Check out occurs directly after service is done at each classroom.  In order to collect your child you will be asked to provide the matching slip.

VISITING FOR THE FIRST TIME: If you are going to be visiting C3 Kids for the first time you can pre-register your family for C3 Kids here or we can do it together on Sunday morning. Simply click the button below.

Who is on our team:

Our C3 Kids workers have bright yellow T-shirts so they are easily identifiable. Each C3 Kids worker serving in this area has completed our thorough approval process.

1. Thorough application

2. Police background check

3. 2 Reference checks

4. Training program.

You can be confident that your child is well-cared for and having a great time learning about God while you worship.

C3 Kids


In Chipmunks, we create a loving, environment, where we use a simple curriculum that encourages kids to explore who God is through play, making new friends, singing, and hearing simple stories. We love getting to know each of them.

Our goal for our youngest world-changers is to encounter Jesus and grow to love church through loving interactions with other children and team members that build confidence and security. We especially love to pray over each child and their family, that they would know the Lord, and would prosper and flourish in all areas of life as they journey toward their incredible destiny!

Parent Info: The Chipmunks are fed age appropriate snacks. Please bring your child to C3 Kids with any necessary drinks and a soothing comfort item. (*Please note, C3 Kids is a nut free zone.)

Please Note: Our workers do not change diapers so you may be contacted during the service if your little one needs a diaper change.

Cubs, our high energy toddler age group of world-changers, is from the time they are 18 mos until 3 years old. Our kids are given a chance to meet new friends and learn about God through exploratory play, games, active worship, creative storytelling, learning scripture and responding to God.

Our desire for our toddlers is to love the House of God, to begin to develop amazing positive relationships with Jesus and with other friends, and to begin to understand their identity in Christ.

Parent Info: The Cubs are fed age appropriate snacks in the program. Please bring your child to C3 Kids with any necessary drinks or snacks* if needed. (*Please note, C3 Kids is a nut free zone.)

Please Note:

Diapered Children: Our workers do not change diapers so you may be contacted during the service if your little one needs a diaper change.

Potty Trained Children: Please inform us when your child is potty trained so our workers can remind them to use the washroom as needed.

Scouts is for our kids ages 4-10.  Your child will enjoy a large group worship experience as well as interactive teaching featuring live action skits and group games that incorporate Biblical teaching and principles.

The class will also split to more age specific groups (4-7, 8-10) where they can learn at a more age appropriate level and friends with their small group leader.

Our desire for our Scouts kids is that they grow into Kingdom Builders as they apply their faith in service of others to build the church. We love to see our Scouts kids exemplify a strong Biblical foundation and love for Christ and an unshakeable faith that desires to minister to others in their lives as they continue along their journey of being world-changers!

Parent Info: The Scouts are fed age appropriate snacks in the program. Please bring your child to C3 Kids with any necessary drinks or snacks* if needed. (*Please note, C3 Kids is a nut free zone.)

Nursing Moms:

We love families at C3 Toronto and we want to make sure your family is cared for when you visit.  With that in mind, we have a dedicated space for nursing mothers. We recognize that with the addition of a precious new family member comes a season of transition and we desire to make it as easy as possible for our new mothers to maintain connection and participation in the life of C3.

The Nursing Mom’s room has comfortable chairs, changing station and a live video feed from the service so you won’t miss a thing!  To respect everyone’s privacy, these rooms are for women only.

There are additional baby change stations in all washrooms even the men’s. For all those hero dads.

Baby Dedication:

We love celebrating life with young families.  We believe there is huge value in following the Biblical example of child dedication. This is a special time when parents thank God for a precious new life and pledge themselves to follow the Lord’s leadership in the development of their child.  At C3 Toronto we hold special dedication services as needed.  If you are interested in getting your child dedicated please click the button and complete our Dedication Request Form.  And someone will be in touch with you to talk further.