How To Read The Bible

It’s not just about reading words on a page; it’s about understanding God’s heart and character. We’ve designed this course to equip everyone—from newcomers to long-time believers—with the tools to engage deeply with Scripture. Whether you’re in a connect group, planning to join one, or want to explore with friends and family, this course is for you.

Session One: Introduction

Dive into the basics of biblical literacy and discover why reading the Bible is essential for every Christian.

Session Two: Approach

Learn how your approach to Scripture can make a significant difference in understanding its depth and meaning.

Session Three: Context

Explore the importance of context in biblical interpretation and how it can enrich your reading experience.

Session Four: Genres

Uncover the grand narrative of the Bible and see how each book contributes to the overarching story of redemption.

Session Five: Translations

Navigate the world of Bible translations and learn how to choose the version that best helps you connect with God’s Word.

Session Six: Study Tools

Equip yourself with practical tools and techniques that will make your Bible study sessions more effective and engaging.

Session Seven: Common Mistakes & Best Practices

Wrap up the course by learning how to cultivate a lifelong habit of meaningful Bible reading.